Millions of people in the Philippines have been addicted to Swertres Result, a 3-Digit lottery game hosted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO. This game is played 3 times a day with 5 hours interval between draws. First swertres draw is held everyday at 11am, then 4pm and 5 hours later, the last draw is played at 9pm. Dozens of people line up in hundreds of PCSO outlets to bet for their winning numbers, all over the Philippines. Pinoys are known for being so patient when it comes to winning money. They can stick with their number combination for weeks. Even if a person loses everyday, he never stops playing. Now that’s persistence!

And everyday, three times a day, people are so thrilled in waiting for the Swertres Result for each draw. What’s the result for 11am, what’s the result for 4pm, what’s the result for the 9pm evening draw. Swertres players get so ecstatic when at least 2 of their combinations come up in the results. This is exactly the reason why a lot of people have been playing the Swertres Lotto for a very long time now. If you wanna get updated with what’s the winning numbers, go straight to the website where everybody is going, www.Swertres.NET¬†and find all your swertres hearing, tips and results everyday.

  1. Pahinge ng winning number po

  2. ronald says:

    ako rin pahinge po text lang dito 09423557632

  3. Shawie McNeese says:

    214 2 days only,,good luck t/r

  4. alex zaldivia says:

    4pm suertress sure win po

  5. casino says:


  6. casino says:

    Kisay babae dri nga nag edad 18 up below 26

  7. Jugins says:

    4pm res. 2.2.2

  8. irish says:

    hello po

  9. lyn says:

    Phinge po number Swertres para bias sept 1 ty

  10. honeyrose says:

    pahinge po ng swertres this september 6 para pang bayad ng tuition =

  11. honeyrose says:

    matagal na po ako bumibili ng swertres hindi pa po ako nanalo, sana bigyan nyo ako ng swertres no. pra nmn manalo ako pambayad ng tuition ng kapatid ko.

  12. Allan says:

    Pwidi ako makahingi swertres namber Yong sigorado n lalabas salamat

  13. Edmar says:

    Pahinge po 3 lucky number naman po.

  14. Edmar says:

    Need help to win

  15. ArnOld says:

    Wag na tayo tataya ng swertres niloko lang tayo nyan.sa totoo laki na ng talo ko kaya tama ng taya.

  16. Liza says:

    Pwde hingi ng swertres # para sa 4 pm?

  17. arjohn pabi says:

    pahengi po ng numeru nasa ospital po papa ko na operahan ng sepsis Malaki po hospital bill namin…sana po matulongan nyu po ako si GOD na ang susukli sa enyung kabutihan..txt me po 09099043671

  18. Allan says:

    Pwidi po Ako makahigi ng swertres namber taga Mindanao po Ako tulogan nyo Ako bigyan nyo Ako swertres namber maraming salamat

  19. Allan says:

    Pwidi po Ako makahigi ng swertres namber maraming salamat

  20. al diaz says:

    pahingi po ng numero sa swertres mga sir/ma’m kung meron. thank’s. 09217932051

What's your Swertres TIP:

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