Millions of people in the Philippines have been addicted to Swertres Result, a 3-Digit lottery game hosted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO. This game is played 3 times a day with 5 hours interval between draws. First swertres draw is held everyday at 11am, then 4pm and 5 hours later, the last draw is played at 9pm. Dozens of people line up in hundreds of PCSO outlets to bet for their winning numbers, all over the Philippines. Pinoys are known for being so patient when it comes to winning money. They can stick with their number combination for weeks. Even if a person loses everyday, he never stops playing. Now that’s persistence!

And everyday, three times a day, people are so thrilled in waiting for the Swertres Result for each draw. What’s the result for 11am, what’s the result for 4pm, what’s the result for the 9pm evening draw. Swertres players get so ecstatic when at least 2 of their combinations come up in the results. This is exactly the reason why a lot of people have been playing the Swertres Lotto for a very long time now. If you wanna get updated with what’s the winning numbers, go straight to the website where everybody is going, www.Swertres.NET¬†and find all your swertres hearing, tips and results everyday.

  1. mae says:

    Pwede hingi ako dito sa site pan inroll lang thank u god bless u dito nalang esend 09159204498 ty

  2. Jeffselma@yahoo.com says:

    Congrts sa members na nanalo sa 690.hts talaga binigay ko..if you interested swertres number .call and txt me.09975042494..gudluck..

  3. may 23 2016 tips swertres tips

  4. Ann says:

    Si jeff maghatag ug numiro nga iyaha mana baligya:::wala ju gani ko tagae bisag ngpakilooy nako..cge ra ok ra d ramn pd cya ang naay numiro mu gawas…

  5. houdini says:

    winning #

  6. Mark Lamig says:


    … 986 – 281 – 892 – 902 – 214 – 014 – 081 …

  7. Jeffselma@yahoo.com says:

    Congrts sa mga members bullseye mananam binigay ko.286.if you interested swertres number call and txt me..0997542494..gudluck..

  8. Jeffselma@yahoo.com says:

    If you interested swertres number call and txt me..09975042494…gudluck mga members.

  9. kirkMCz says:

    hi pwede ask no. for swertres? for emergency lang po

  10. Mark Lamig says:

    tan-awa ninyo ako post gahapon 892 sa 9-pm draw, ganiha nigawas target 892 result midi. klaro kaayo nga ge-post, dba ? click lang ninyo ang Mark Lamig kay mag cell-to-cell kontack ako ihatag kombinasyon, ok ?
    mao ni ako policy basta dili ko mag txt balikan lang ang last nako nga gihatag, pariha gabii nagpost ko og 892 para sa 9-pm draw, pagka bontag ganiha wala ko nag post, balikan lang ako last nga gi-post 892 ni resolta ganiha sa midi.. congratz.

  11. marivic says:

    Hello….po marivic po to pwedi po hingi ako number po para bukas..ito po number ko 09296440902 thanks and god bless…

  12. claud2loayon says:

    Jesselma panghatag pod ug # para ugma kdako nko na problema pang opera nko sa breast her # 09076576069

  13. unsay winning # krn?

  14. Mark Lamig says:


    … 920 – 586 – 140 – 302 – 475 – 079 – 697 – 695 …

  15. AJ says:

    Helu po unsay guide ninu krun 4pm. Pls pls pnghatag mu surebol guide tnx

  16. rebecca says:

    Unsay hearing number nyo pls tagae ko para hands lang nko sa AQ birthday sa linggo may 29 ang ako birthday gas ko number kanang makadaog ko pang regalo lang na sa birthday nko bisan kaisa lang ko makadaog ug para mka plite ko uli sa Mindanao..pls naman tagae ko number mark lamig salamat

  17. rebecca says:

    My number me 09984022532 pls gae ko hearing number gift birthday ko langark lamig salamat

  18. bangz says:

    Try lang 724

  19. rygie love says:

    Pahingi po numerous para ngaun

  20. cheska says:

    pang enrol 3 d today kanang sure ball 9 pm ty 09953464741 magbigay ako pag nanalo promise

  21. daoy says:

    Pahingi 3d hearing numbers diz 11am

  22. Jeffselma@yahoo.com says:

    Congrts sa mga members bullseye eye mananambal number natin kagabi.258..dont forgt my share..if you interested swertres number..call and txt..09975042494..gudluck.

  23. cherry mae says:

    kuya mark lamig bigyan mo ko ng numero para sa mama ko ??/

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