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Believe it or not this little publication holds all the secrets to enable the reader to do just that – win the lottery every week. And I know you won’t believe it at this early stage. I wouldn’t expect you to. It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking right now – you’re thinking ‘it’s impossible – what planet is this guy on?’. Am I right? Of course I’m right – if I were in your shoes right now I’d be thinking exactly that and I’d probably put this on one side and get on with something useful. But………………..I promise you categorically, by the end of this book you’ll understand exactly how to do it and I guarantee you’ll want to go right out and get started today…because once you see how simple this is you’ll know you can do it too!

I’m going to insert a very bold statement here that I know sounds truly unbelievable but I would ask that you just keep an open mind here and accept this statement as fact and total truth.

‘My name is Paul E. Watts and I play the UK Lotto and the EuroMillions. I win every week without fail and…it costs me…nothing!’ If you read and digest what I have to tell and then take a few simple steps you will be able to confidently insert your own name in the above statement. It won’t happen overnight but if you follow me you too will have the chance to win every week and never buy a ticket!

Where’s the catch?

Well…I’ve been doing this for many months now and I can honestly say I haven’t found one! Actually, if there is a catch I suppose it is having the ability to open one’s mind wide enough to accept that there is a way. That it is possible. The vast majority of people are too sceptical to believe it. I know. I was one – in fact I’m one of the most sceptical people around. I see gullibility all about me. People tell me how they’ve been conned out of hardearned money by companies and individuals who are there just to make money from the so-called gullible public. People tell me of letters they receive from companies in faraway lands telling them they’ve won £10,000,000 in a prize draw they’ve never entered but still gladly send £3,500 off to them for ‘Administration to release the funds’. How gullible can people be?

What I want to show you here is a system that is faultless and doesn’t involve investment (risk) of any kind. It will cost you, dear reader, – peanuts and not only will you have the same opportunity to win every week, you could play for free and if you wish – be paid for showing other people how they can do the same. Please don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not suggesting here that you consider this as a business proposition –you might want to – but that comes later if you wish to pursue this route. What I want to tell you about here is purely what is implied in the title of the publication. ‘How To Win The Lottery EVERY Week And Never Buy A Ticket!’


Is this for real?
Is it really possible to win the lottery every week?
Can anyone really predict that with 100% certainty?

If that were possible and a system was available to guarantee it then wouldn’’t everyone want to get in on the act? And if they did of course then the very foundation of lotteries worldwide would crumble. There would be more expenditure than income. Not a very viable business venture I think you’ll agree?

It’s absolutely crazy to suggest that anyone has the power to win every week. Or the magic. Or the mathematical knowledge. Or whatever. So… how can I make claim to the title of this little publication?

Simple -– I do win the lottery every week!

And I’ll be showing how you can do it too!
The fact is…literally anyone can do this. You can do this. It’s not only legal – it’s totally
ethical and is based upon two of the richest lotteries in the world.

Why doesn’t everyone do this?
Do you know – I’m not sure.
Maybe it’s scepticism.
Maybe it sounds too good to be true.
Maybe people are afraid.
Maybe they don’t understand.

I believe the main reason though is that they simply aren’t aware of it. Millions of people buy lottery tickets all over the world but in comparison there’s a mere handful that are aware that there’s a far better way to play. A smarter way. A way to increase your chances phenomenally and to the point where you really can’t fail to win every week!

Many years ago an American set out to be a huge jackpot winner. Attracted by the gigantic jackpots in one of the main USA lotteries he actually set up an office and a business and recruited and paid people to go out and buy tickets. He’d set up a computer to run off all the combinations of numbers and then paid hundreds of people out to buy them. He won the lottery and made his fortune. It must have been a logistical nightmare organising – but it worked. If, however, you’re thinking you have to go out and arrange a similar operation then forget it. This is so much easier but may take a little longer. Follow my guidelines and you will win.
And you’ll eventually win every week.

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