How To Win The Philippine Lottery and Swertres

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Lotto and Swertres Tips
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I’ll help you make your first steps. I’ll guide you through out your entire journey. I’ll get you closer and closer and when the time will come your only worry will be to reach out and grab your prize. Big money are out there. Other people are beating the lottery every day, winning piles of money. And you…?

You should take very serious the list of tips and tricks I gave you below and maybe one day you will be that lottery winner. So sit comfortable and prepare for the instructions.

!!!Use this “how to win the lottery tips and tricks wisely” and I guarantee that they will highly improve your chances of winning the lottery!

1. The summation of the combinations might represent the each of your sets of combinations to play can mean the dissimilarity between losing and winning a lottery. For this tip to make any sense to you let us consider the following example: let’s admit that you have the following set of numbers to play 4 8 11 23 31 37 and the sum of these numbers is 115. Even if you think that the combination is quite good, the sum of the numbers is not enough, it is below the sum for winning lottery numbers.

2. There is also an important point of view about the odd and even numbers. Do not to play odd and even sets of number. If you do so, than it can happen that the odds are rather slim.

3. Another lottery strategy is that when you start to select the numbers from those you play, you can choose those who are consecutively. Let us consider the numbers for example 15 25 and 37 as being consecutive. When selecting consecutive numbers you should also consider the numbers which are higher or also lower.

4. For those players who just started to play lottery, we can say that they should have a list of numbers or combinations of numbers they use. Have a look at the previous list in order to see the chances of the neighbor numbers.

5. If you want to try to win you should avoid such sets of numbers like 1 2 3 4 or 25 26 27 28. These sets of numbers should not be chosen, because they have very little chances to be drawn. There a lot of people each week who spend thousands of dollars in order to win a lottery using such sets of numbers.

6. You should remember that the number range of the lotto games is higher than that of the calendar. If there are for example 50 numbers in your lotto game and you do not play the numbers below 31 you can wait very long before your set of numbers will be chosen.

7. You can be surprise but it is not necessary to have hundreds of drawings in order to detect the numbers which will win. If you have 50 drawings you can use as well 10 drawings.

8. There are numbers that repeat very often, more often than the others. Try to consider those numbers which repeated after they were drawn.

9. If you believe in luck you can also use any combination of numbers you know, but your chances to win are not so high.

10. I’ll give the best tip everyone can give you. Try out “Lotto Hidden Secrets” for one month for FREE! Get your copy, read it, play some tickets, see if you can get close to those winning numbers. You have an entire month at your disposal. If you don’t like the book then send me an email and I will provide a full refund, GUARANTEED! But on the other side why would you do that. Only 0.2% of those who bought Lotto Hidden Secrets asked for a refund (but believe me that I don’t imagine why. I mean you have this great powerful manual at your disposal and you gave it away?!? Big mistake! 🙂 )

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