Is winning the lottery really a blessing?

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Lotto and Swertres Tips

Most of us are stuck in boring work places; in order to escape the routine we often fantasize about being rich. And almost always we imagine ourselves winning the lottery. But for some lucky few, this dream comes true.

Lottery prizes have increased a lot over time, so now one can become a multi millionaire just by choosing the lottery winning numbers. There is no track as to how many lottery winners there are; for obvious reasons they are often advised not to disclose their names. This is why it is difficult to see how many winners have benefited all their lives from their prizes. We may know or have heard about the winner X who accomplished something, but that’s about it.

We can only assume what can happen to the lottery prizes. The one thing that we can be certain is that it all depends on the winner. Reckless people are likely to quickly loose all their money, while good investors will probably make even more money.

But sometimes winning the lottery proves to be a curse rather than a blessing. There are stories of lottery winners that committed suicide or had a stroke when they found out they won. Due to media spread we know what the situation is in this case.

Winning the lottery is overwhelming news, so if you hear someone had a stroke when they found out they won it should not surprise you. It has happened many times and it will happen again. Others get confused when they realize they have to deal with a lot of money and commit suicide. This is the case of British lottery winner Phil Kitchen who drunk himself to death.

Tragedy can strike in many ways. Shortly after becoming a millionaire, Oscar Cordoba stabbed his wife and his mother in law; the latter died. Rick Camat, another lottery winner was shot dead by police in California when he refused to drop down his gun. After spending his $ 10 million dollars lottery prize in 7 years (high speed chases and sexual assaults included) Gerald Muswagon hung himself.

Having read all that you might be tempted to say that lottery winning brings nothing but trouble. Deaths, law problems, blackmail, depression – lottery winners had them all. But before deciding you will never play the lottery, think again.

There are countless other lottery winners who lived happily ever after. They invested the money and made even bigger a profit, they dedicated their lives to hobbies or charities and they loved every minute of it. The only thing is that most of them choose not to step in the limelight.

Winning the lottery brings the money we all dream of; but it also brings the winner into the limelight. Some of them love the attention, others don’t. Some of them realize what’s going on and they manage not to lose their heads, others don’t. Some of them get advice from family and good friends, others are quickly surrounded by people who only want to take advantage of them.

Every lottery winner has a shock when they find out they won. But what happens after that is entirely up to each and every one of them. There is no such thing as lottery winner bad luck, just people who can deal with the winning and people who can’t.

  1. No, winning the lottery is not at all a blessing, its all about thinking, stratergies, and how you keep calculating the number that wins. Become a member of any syndicate so that they keep informing you about the winning stratergies.

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