Mandatory Contributions as per Executive Orders and Republic Acts

Posted: March 5, 2009 in Press Release

The PCSO is mandated by virtue of a special law to contribute funds for the following government entities: the Philippine Sports Commission, the Commission on Higher Education, the Comprehensive and Integrated Shelter and Urban Development Financing Program, the Philippine Centennial Commission, the National Commission on Indigenous People, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Quirino Memorial Medical Center.

The PCSO allocates to local government units a five percent (5%) share from the total sales of on-line lottery (lotto) outlets operating within their jurisdictions, including a documentary stamp tax from the said donation.

  • RA#6847 – Six (6) Sweepstakes Draws as contribution to the Philippine Sports Commission Program
  • RA#7722 – 1% of lotto gross sales to the Commission on Higher Education
  • RA#7660 – Documentary Stamp Tax – 10% of the gross sales
  • RA#7835 – 10% of Charity Fund to the Comprehensive and Integrated Shelter and Urban Development Financing Program (National Shelter Program)
  • RA#8042 – Sec.20 and 77 of the Omnibus Rules provides for the appropriation of Php10 million for the Shared Government Information System on Migration (SGISM) under the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • RA#8042 – Article IX Section 37 known as the Migrant Workers Act of 1995 – Php 150 million shall be funded from the proceeds of lotto draws taken from the Charity Fund for the Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Fund
  • RA#8175 – 10% of net income for the Crop Insurance Program
  • RA#8313 – Php100 million from lotto agents for the upgrading of the Quirino Memorial Medial Center
  • RA#8371 – Php 50 million contribution to the National Commission on Indegenous Peoples for the Ancestral Domain Find
  • RA#8492 – Php 250 million from the annual net earnings from lotto for the Museum Endowment Fund
  • RA#9165 – 10% share on forfeited rpizes as special account in the general fund of Dangerous Drugs Board
  • E.O.#201 – Php 1 billion Standby Fund for the financial requirement for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) awareness and health promotion campaign
  • E.O.#218 – Php 1 billion Standy Fund for the operations and programs of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
  • E.O.#280 – Php 250 million standy Fund for the financial requirements of the Avian Influenza or Bird Flu Viruses
  • E.O.#357 – 5% Lotto share of local government units from the Charity Fund
  1. Francisco del Rosario says:

    January 28, 2011
    May I ask your permission, please allow me to send our suggestions to PCSO thru this website as follows:
    Happy greetings to you and to all of your staff! As we start the year we have specific suggestions/requests as follows:
    1.That the Swertres Prize be increased from P4,500.00 to P50,000.00.
    2.That the minimum bet amount be retained at TEN PESOS (P10.00).
    3.The number of Winners maybe reduced to keep the Winning Prize at P50,000.00.
    4.Increase the number of Lotto Outlets by region/cities/municipalities to meet the demand of the increasing volume of Swertres Players everyday resulting from this very attractive prize package.
    The PCSO was founded and established to help the Poor. And the basic truth, we the Swertres Players are the poor if not the poorest in the sector of our society. We are indirectly the solid builders and the 100% contributors to the ongoing PCSO successful operations. Giving way to our suggestions/requests would mean a lot of benefits:
    1. The PCSO will highly and continuesly gain the confidence, trust, and loyalty of the Swertres Players.
    2. The Standard of Living and dignity of our Players will be uplifted.
    3. Once approved and implemented, all the Swertres Players will be feeling happy and financially happy.
    4. The P50,000.00 prize package is very attractive to all the Swertres Players, and because of this all the PCSO outlets will realize a bountiful increase in sales everyday resulting to a super and unbelievable big surplus for the PCSO.
    Sir, you may conduct a series of consultations, and surely there will be an overwhelming support from all of us. We hope that you will honor, approve, and implement our suggestions for the common good between the Swertres Players and the PCSO institution. We, the Players feel that we are a part of the PCSO operations, and because of this we commend, LET THE CHARITY BEGGINS AT HOME by giving your timely approval.
    From F. del Rosario and The Swertres Players
    Tacloban City