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What do they want?

Lottery scam letters are sent out by the thousands and thousands every day.  There are only two things the bad guys want: your money and your identity.  Your identity is just as important or even more important than any money you send them, and they can get your identity when you open the very first letter if it contains a Trojan horse or spyware; scam letters often do.

What will they say to get what they want?

They will tell you whatever you want to hear.  They will tell you whatever they feel you will believe.  They will pretend to be lawyers, claims agents, bankers, law enforcement agents, people of high rank in the government, gaming officials, tax collectors, and any other title that will convince you they are good people.

When do they ask for personal identification?

After you answer the first letter, they will write back asking for your personal identification.  This is used to steal your identity.  They steal your identity by using your personal banking, passport, driver’s license, or credit card information to open accounts you don’t know about – it doesn’t matter if you have bad credit!  Felons get jobs using your name.  Illegal aliens and drug smugglers could care less about your credit – that will not keep them from getting a driver’s license with your name and their picture, faking your birth certificate for a passport in your name with their picture, or anything else they want to do.

They buy things in your name and do not pay for them.  They take out loans in your name and do not pay for them.  They commit crimes using your name and leave you holding the bag.  Creditors will contact you asking for their money.  Police will contact you and may even hold you for questioning to determine if you are telling the truth.  Unless you’ve been interrogated by the police, held for questioning, and spent time in jail while waiting for everything to be sorted out, you simply don’t know the real meaning of a nightmare.   We work with fraud victims and their Criminal Defense Attorneys, both public and private, on a daily basis and see the damage all the time.

Identity Theft is a very serious thing and is a life sentence.  If you have sent scammers a copy of your passport, birth certificate, identity card, or driver’s license; if you have sent them your banking information or your credit card information, or if you have merely been opening their emails – which provides your IP address by receipt, giving them a specific location to send their malware, please go HERE immediately!

When do they ask for money?

They usually ask for money in the second or third letter; sometimes they  ask for money in the first letter or the fourth letter.

Legitimate lotteries, free lotteries (also known as Sweepstakes) never, NEVER ask for money.  They do not have to.  There are no fees of any kind.  If you really win a lottery or Sweepstakes, the only money you owe is the tax you personally pay directly to your government.  This tax is never paid through anyone else or by anyone else.  This is true in every country.

They tell you that you must pay money for bank fees, storage, shipping, and a long line of false reasons.  Every single reason, every document is false.  All documents are counterfeit or forged.  There are no fees for insurance.  There is no document or charge stating that the “winnings” will not be used for terrorism or illegal purposes.  No such document exists.  Lottery money is not stored at a security house.  Lottery money is not shipped in cash.  Lottery money is not sent by courier.

Lottery money or Sweepstakes (free lottery) money is sent by check using DHL, UPS, or FedEx.  The check is from the Lottery Company and has the lottery company name on the check.  For instance, if you win the ABC Lottery, the check will say ABC Lottery on it.  The address for ABC Lottery will be correct.  It will be one that you can verify on your own, without asking the people who wrote the letters.  Why does the check come from the lottery company and have the lottery company name on it?  Because the lottery or Sweepstakes wants you to make copies of the check.  They want you to show it to everyone so that more people will register.  This is very important to them.

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